Ashoka University Alumni Association

ashoka alumni association
covid-19 helpline

COVID-19 relief helpline run by 100+ pan-India volunteers from the Ashoka community.
We are helping people find critical resources and expanding the reach of their call for help.

what we do

We help patients and affected families across India find beds, medicines, donors, oxygen, ventilators, food, and nursing support. We use a dynamically updated national database of verified leads across 10+ states, local networks, and social media to help people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can access the database here.

Please WhatsApp your request on +917678512767 or click the button above. We will do our best to help you find verified leads for the following requests.

  • Prescribed Medicines

  • Oxygen - cylinder, concentrators, refills, kits

  • Hospital Beds - general, oxygen, ICU, ventilators, ECMO

  • Ambulance

  • Home ICU

  • Food services for patients

  • Online Doctor consultations

  • Covid Testing

  • Blood - donors, units

Request format

The following format will appear in your message window. Please fill in the details.

*Requirement* : <requirement here>, <city here>
1. Patient name
2. Blood group
3. Age
4.Hospital name
5. Address
6. City
7. Guardian Name
8. Relationship with patient
9. Phone number
10. Attach any prescription/case sheet if available
11. SpO2 without oxygen support


In case you want to help, please fill out this form.
We are always happy to have more hands on deck.